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Toys for Syrian Children in Arbat refugee camp
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Toys for Syrian Children in Arbat refugee camp

Around Arbat refugee camps, there are no bushes nor rocks to play hide and seek. No chestnuts are falling from trees to tinker. Only desert surrounds the tent city in the Kurdish-Iraqi province of Suleymania where thousands of Syrian refugees have found a new home after fleeing from the civil war in their country. For children there is not much to do. With restricted space in 30 degrees heat this bares much source for conflict.

Since a few week at least school has started. Now, there are also afternoon activities for children. The team of WADI has organized one playmobile, usually visiting Kurdish villages, to bring toys and books to the Syrian children. It was a special wish of people from the city of Halabja working with WADI to help organize this activity. They themselves have experienced flight and exile when their city was bombarded with chemical agents in 1988 by Iraqi forces. They well understand what it means when a dictator is waging a murderous war against his own population. Now, they organize the trips, distribute toys to the kids and play games with them.

Tens of thousands women, men and children have left Northwestern Syria during the past weeks and arrived in Iraq. Since months different militias affiliated with Al-Qaida are fighting with the Kurdish People's Defense Units of the Syrian-Kurdish PYD (Partiya Yekitîya Demokrat) which holds strong ties with the Turkish PKK. Battles and looting have led to a food crisis.

By now, 200,000 Syrian refugees live in Iraq. Almost half of them are children, 80 percent less than eleven years old. Many of them have traumatic experiences. Some have not only lost their home but also their families. The Kurdish regional government and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) are organizing the basics. For other needs resources are lacking. The local NGO network HANA is taking care of the special needs of women and children. The Iraqi-Kurdish organizations in the network have many years of experience in the field of refugee aud. Many staff and volunteers have been refugees themselves once and know what is needed in such situations. Solidarity with the Syrian refugees is a must for them.

Within this network, WADI is organizing the activities for children. This is possible because private donors have given more than 2000 Euro during the last weeks. To continue the work and enhance it more donations are urgently needed.

Show solidarity and donate for the Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq.

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