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First Anti-FGM Training for Midwifes
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First Anti-FGM Training for Midwives

In February 2013, WADI started with a new feature of its Stop FGM in Kurdistan Campaign. In cooperation with the Kurdish Ministry of Health and financed by Hivos, a first training for midwifes took place in Halabja on Feb. 17th. Midwives are a decisive target group when combatting FGM. They are the ones conducting the "operation" and they have much to lose from the abandonment of FGM.


As practitioners of the ritual they have gained high status in their communities, while profiting from a relevant income through FGM. A successful Anti-FGM campaign must take their stance into account and offer them an alternative. With the workshops WADI now started offering the midwives medical training with an official certificate by the Ministry of Health. They also receive a First Aid suitcase. At the end of the training, all participants sign a declaration promising to refrain from praticing FGM in the future.

The next workshop took place on May 12, 2013, again training 50 Midwifes as a part of new project funded by the German government, under the title "Lobbying for implementation law number 8 for combating domestic violence in KRG".


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