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WADI is active in the Middle East since 1992. We are committed to long-term engagement and support for our partners and projects in the region. We work with minimal organizational costs, with the help of volunteers. To continue our work, and where possible to expand it, we need your donation. Regular donations are especially helpful, because they enable us to guarantee the continuity of the projects. Please help us with your donation.

WADI is a recognized non-profit association and donations to it are tax-deductible. Our financial and accounting reports are available upon request.

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Selected News and Project Updates:

Press Review | 25.10.2016
Kurdish women fight odds to broadcast on women's rights

Project Update | 6.10.2016

From refugee to citizen: First initiatives Lower Saxony

Press Release | 27.09.2016
Journalists of Refugee Radio in Halabja receive Raif Badawi Prize 2016

Statement | 20.09.2016
Solidarity with the people in Syria! Keep Humanity alive!

Press Release | 21.08.2016
Three Years after the Chemical Attacks: Living beyond the Red Lines

Project Update | 20.08.2016
Assisting Refugees in Ashty Camp

Project Updates | 01.07.2016
Summer activities for refugee children in Dohuk province

Press Review | 26.05.2016
How These Yazidi Girls Are Finding Hope After Escaping ISIS Sex Slavery

Financial Report | 25.05.2016
Audited Financial Report for Projects in Iraq 2015

Press Review | 05.05.2016
The Refugee Radio Station Making Waves In Iraqi Kurdistan

Project Update | 04.04.2016
Afrin School for Syrian Refugees

Press Review | 04.03.2016
Changing minds about genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan

Press Release | 05.02.2016
Day of Zero Tolerance against FGM: WADI’s Campaign in Kurdistan in danger

Project Update | 01.02.2016
Report about the Work of Mobile Teams assisting Yazidi Victims of ISIS

Press Release | 11.1.2016
Wadi and Aware organize first conference on FGM in Singapore

Fusion.net | 28.12.2015
These amazing women-only units are helping girls who escaped ISIS

MSNBC | 2.12.2015
Women's center in Iraqi Kurdistan aids refugees

Wadi News | 13.11.2015
Jinda Center - A beacon of hope for Yazidi girls who escapes ISIS slavery