Founded in 1992, the Iraqi-German association WADI supports various programs and projects to empower people and strengthen human rights in the Middle East. WADI focuses on women's rights with training and literacy classes, assistance for victims of domestic violence and building spaces for women and girls. The campaign "Stop FGM Kurdistan" is one of WADIs most renown activities. Democracy building is another focal point. We support youth media, help with setting up citizen interest groups and lobby for democratic rights.

"Wadi is one of the most enterprising and inventive NGOs we’ve encountered in Iraq.
Wadi’s work is impressively varied, but also shrewdly focused." (The Register)



Aid for refugees from Sinjar region  more

"Spey" - a Voice for the Victims of Chemical Attacks  more

The Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation  more

Radio Dange Nwe – a Community Radio  more

Playmobiles - Rolling Playgrounds  more

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Selected News and Project Updates:

| 4.5.2015
| | 4.5.201Project Update | 21.5.2015
Paying a visit to a Mullah who promoted FGM

Project Update | 4.5.2015
Radio Dange Nwe is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Press Review | 23.4.2015
Media about the breathless campaign by chemical gas survivors from Irak, Syria and Iran on the Ypern Anniversary

Call for Donations | 17.4.2015
ISIS Escapees need Help

Project Update | 31.03.2015
Local democracy delegation makes official visit to Diyarbakir

Press Release  | 16.03.2015
On Halabja Day Victims of Chemical Attacks demonstrate in Syria and Iraq

Project Description | 09.03.2015:
Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan

Telegraph | 05.03.2015
Meet the Iraqi village ending FGM

NBCNews | 17.02.2015
Aid Workers Help Yazidi Women Return to Life After ISIS Nightmare

Press Release | 10.02.2015
International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM in the Kurdistan Parliament

Project Update | 31.01.2015
Health education in rural areas

Project Update | 23.01.2015
Displaced Yezidi families and girls who were taken captive by ISIS need lots of support

Project Update | 11.01.2015
Yearly Report about activities of the StopFGMMideast Campaign

Project Update | 05.01.2015
Nwe Organization – Promoting self-sufficiency and working for reform in Halabja

Project Updates | 30.12.2014
More support for Yezidi Refugees - Thanks to generous private Donations during Christmas Time

Wadi News | 12.12.2014
International Conference on Women and Human Rights held in Suleymaniyah

New Project | 07.12.2014
Assistance for Female Yezidi Refugees

Project Update | 03.12.2014
Kurdish FGM-Free Village invited to Talkshow

Wadi News | 14.11.2014
Newsletter Autumn 2014

Wadi News | 09.10.2014
More Emergency Help for Refugees from the Sinjar

Urgent call for donations | 27.09.2014
Support the refugees from Sinjar

Wadi News | 08.09.2014
Majority in Iraqi Kurdistan oppose female genital mutilation

Press Stetement | 19.08.2014
A Year after the Poison Gas Attacks on Ghouta in Syria: A Dossier

Campaign | 15.07.2014
“You Can’t Beat Me” Campaign: Football Clubs for Girls

Press Statement | 14.07.2014
One in four women in Central and Southern Iraq is affected by FGM, new study suggests

Wadi News | 09.06.2014
Aid to Syria: Medicaments and Vaccinations for the people of Ghouta

Press Statement | 18.05.2014
Second Middle East & Asia Conference on FGM shows that new strategies are needed